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Cashmere - the winter coat from happy goats!

If you've ever felt the softness of a cashmere sweater or scarf, you know that it is made of something different from the average wool. But did you know that the cashmere fiber is derived from goats? Almost all goats have a fine coat of fuzz - underecoat - that keeps them toasty warm in cold weather, and a courser top coat of guard hairs. (Many breeds of dogs have an undercoat and that is the fluff that blows all over the house. And, yes, some people do colllect it to spin into yarn!) There is not a specific breed known as "cashmere," but rather, goats of various breeds are bred for their high quality undercoat. Their fiber may be certified as to its diameter, length and "crimp."

Here at WCF, we maintain a small herd of "cashmere" goats. In early spring, they are combed and their cashmere is collected and sent off for processing. This cleans the guard hairs from the soft undercoat, leaving cashmere "cloud," or roving, that is ready for spinning. We sell this roving by the ounce. Please see the sales page or contact us directly for purchase.

Now that you're here, meet our goats in the gallery below!

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